Revamp Your Floor with Decorative Concrete Flooring Designs

Are you looking for a stunning concrete coating in Ventura County, California? When it comes to protecting the floor from wear and tear, and making it more durable, concrete floor coating is among the most famous options in California. It is also a low-maintenance flooring that retains its shape and charm for a long time. Thus, it is not surprising that concrete floor coatings are highly famous in most parts of California, including Ventura County and Orange County.

This blog will describe the most famous types of concrete flooring design options available with Sundek Aggregate Effects in Ventura County and other Southern California. So, let us get started.

• Aggregate Effects:

Spraying countless speckles of various colors to replicate the effect of washed aggregate concrete creates aggregate effects. This effect helps disguise the SUNDEK surface & adds a subtle character to the floor.

The aggregate effect is also one of the most famous effects widely seen in households in California. Such types of designs are evergreen and never get old. In fact, most contractors would always start showing you the aggregate designs before anything else. Aggregate effects are the best option if you wish to have a simple yet elegant pattern.

• Masonry Patterns:

Want something premium yet durable on your floor? Masonry patterns are the best option for you. Masonry layouts usually incorporate brick shaped decorative designs that can be customized as per your needs. Although subjective, such patterns are ideal for lavish villas and bungalows.

Pacific Concrete Coatings Inc. is one of the leading contractors for stunning concrete coating in Ventura County and other parts of Southern California. We provide a wide range of Masonry patterns to our clients that are truly enticing.

• Scoreline Effect:

Unusual patterns are always exciting and elevate the ambiance with their uniqueness. Do you have existing cracks on your flooring? Well, you might find it interesting that the scoreline effect can easily blend with those cracks and create a unique, engaging pattern. In fact, this off-the-track pattern has a niche customer base and can be an excellent option to try. We at Pacific Concrete Coatings Inc. are masters at making the best scoreline effect that looks fantastic.

• Customized Patterns:

If you like to have customized patterns, meaning a design in your mind, and want the contractors to make them exclusively for you, then Pacific Concrete Coatings Inc. is always ready to provide flawless service. The most significant advantage of a custom design is that you get what you want.


Concrete coating is among the best options when looking for beautiful yet durable flooring. It has a wide range of designs that one can pick from and revamp the floor. Pacific Concrete Coatings Inc. provides the best concrete floor service. We are widely acclaimed for doing our job with meticulous perfection. 

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