Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Spaces

We’re well into summer, and that means lots of time spent outdoors with friends and family! As you hang out in your outdoor spaces, you might notice areas that need some improvement. Whether your pool deck gets too hot when temperatures are high, your patio needs a refresh, or you have a walkway that needs an upgrade, we can help. 

Contact us now so we can visit your property and help you make your improvements after summer is over. 

Get a Pool Deck That Stays Comfortable
in the Heat of Summer

For many, a pool deck surface that stays temperate in summertime is very important—for safety and comfort! For this pool area, SUNDEK of North Carolina resurfaced the deck and nearby walkway using Classic Texture, giving homeowners and their guests a safe and beautiful space that’s comfy to walk and sit on, even during sweltering summer days. Find out about our cool decking solutions.

Update Your Patio Space 

Hosting outdoor gatherings is a highlight of summer for lots of homeowners. Having a surface that’s easy to clean and enhances the look of your patio area makes those hangouts even more enjoyable! Does your patio surface need a visual upgrade? If so, we can help. We love helping customers create beautiful outdoor surfaces such as this one resurfaced by SUNDEK of Nashville. Learn more about patio resurfacing here.

Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen

For this outdoor kitchen, homeowners wanted to create a cozy space with an elegant look. SUNDEK of Austin had the perfect solution for the surface: create the look of wood planks using Tuscan, a handcrafted overlay, in a variety of colors. See more ideas for outdoor kitchens here.

Don’t Forget the Walkways

Walkways play an integral role in the look and feel of your backyard space, but they’re often an afterthought. We enjoy helping homeowners enhance the appearance of their outdoor areas by resurfacing walkways that coordinate or match other surfaces such as patios or pool decks. We can even widen walkways that are too narrow.

Here, SUNDEK of Houston used SunStone to resurface this walkway and patio area to match. Learn what we can do to transform your walkways!  

Connect with a SUNDEK Authorized Contractor

SUNDEK has authorized contractors around the country ready to work with you on your concrete restoration, repair, or maintenance project. Inquire on our website to connect with a contractor.

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I hope you found this information useful! If you have any questions or need follow up on anything you read here, please let me know. I can direct you to the proper person. Email me at lsnider@sundek.com or call me at 877.478.6335 Ext. 132.

– Lori Snider


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